Scraping from Web Pages

Now that you have identified that beautiful dataset that helps you investigate your story, the question remains how do I access it! Well, the answer to this question is nuanced, as data come in different shapes and sizes and there are a wide range of tools that help you with different tasks. In order to …

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Google Search for Journalist

by Nicholas Whitaker This course will teach you how to use Google search more efficiently and reveal some of its secrets that are useful for any of your research online. In this course, you will learn: Some helpful tips and tricks to get the most from your Search experience and on the project at hand, …

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Why Journalists Need Data Journalism Skills

The profound changes in the way we produce, distribute and receive information have impacted greatly the profession of journalism. Some have predicted at best a shake-up in the industry and at worst the death of the profession. Others see these changes as an opportunity to make the profession more relevant than ever. A new era …

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