Data Journalist Job, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, UK

Local Data Lab at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism is currently hiring a data journalist. It is an innovative project aimed at bringing data-led investigations to local journalism.

Deadline: Feb 1, 2017

Job description:

  • We will take on datasets that have yet to be broken down to a local level, investigate and reveal stories not yet told and bring this to local journalists.
  • We will be mobile, agile and innovative. The team will travel around the country to hear the ideas and challenges of regional reporters. We will listen, respond and learn so to provide evidence-based solutions.
  • We will participate in all parts of the process. Every member will contribute to story ideas, data wrangling, problem solving, building and storytelling.
  • We will participate in open journalism. We will publish public interest stories that throw light on local and national issues. We will open our data and code and document our shortcomings and learnings. We will push for greater transparency. We will foster collaboration between reporters and put power into regional journalism.

Job Qualifications:

  • team members must be innovative,
  • fluent in data wrangling
  • passionate about journalism.
  • That might be a journalist who uses computational method to find stories,
  • an investigative or local journalist who regularly uses data,
  • a tech or computer science person who is interested in local journalism or
  • a civic tech person keen to get involved.

To apply:

Send a CV and covering letter (on why you want to be involved, what relevant experience you have and an idea for the lab) to


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