Resources for Data Mining

In my last three posts we have explored three main tools that help you scrap data from 1. web pages, 2.PDF files, 3. social media. As you become more comfortable with using these software, you might want to explore further tools and options that let you do more powerful data mining. While in this introductory course we won’t get into more complicated stuff, I would like to provide you with resources that can further help you master more advanced skills in data mining, especially coding skills that let you use sophisticated tools.

The list bellow, provided by Global Investigative Journalism network, provides additional training for data mining:

Code Academy offers a series of free interactive trainings on the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and PHP.

JournoCode, provides a Data Journalism tool collections tools for that help journalists advance their skills in coding.

Journalist’s Resources provides a tutorial on using Python to scrape a website and gather data. If others practical guidelines while exploring a criminal justice dataset.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a series of free online courses in computer programming with Python, Java, and C++.

Michael Hartl publishes an open-source textbook on how to program with Ruby on Rails.

ProPublica ran this “shopping list” of tools and training guides for scraping data from the web using Ruby.

Online Journalism published an introduction to using ScraperWiki to obtain data from the web.

Codementor offers online tutorials for a fee to learn programmes, which are widely used in newsrooms, such as Ruby on Rails and Python from scratch through code mentors. There are also free useful guides and tips.

Analytics Vidhya offers a tutorial to learn the basics of R programming for data science,which covers data analysis and data manipulation.

KDnuggets offers a wide variety of tutorials focusing on data mining, analytics and data science, including 3 Viable Ways to Extract Data from the Open Web, 4 lessons for Brilliant Data Visualisation, Mining Twitter Data with Python and Text Mining 101:Topic Modeling.


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